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Delivery Methods 



All-Site works with you from idea to ribbon-cutting—through the construction manager/general contractor delivery strategy. 

Working together on a CM/GC project develops a relationship that increases the accuracy of your budget and the timeframe of your project. You get all of our knowledge in pre-construction, planning, coordination, and construction when you work with CM/GC. 


CMAR (CM At Risk) 

Throughout the development and design phases, the CM functions as a consultant to the owner, as well as a general contractor during the construction phase. The CM at-Risk contracts directly with several subcontractors and is responsible for the project’s delivery as a single point of contact. 

  • Sabal Palm /High Ridge School Modular Classroom Installation  
  • LC Swain Middle School Modular Classroom Installation  
  • Omni Middle School – Single Point of  
  • Bear Lakes Middle School – Single Point of Entry  
  • Watson B. Duncan Middle School – Single Point of Entry  
  • Santaluces High School – Single Point of Entry  
  • Palm Beach Sheriff Office Headquarters Renovations  
  • Jupiter & Lighthouse Elementary School –Interior Renovation  
  • Supervisor of Elections Interior Renovations  
  • Okeeheelee Park South Boat Launch & Restroom Facility  
  • Palm Beach County Convention Center Garage 
  • Washington Elementary School Modernization – Phase 1  
  • North Grade Elementary School – Facility Renovations & Repairs  
  • South Olive Elementary School – Facility Renovations & Repairs  
  • Wellington Landings Middle School Modernization – Phase 2  
  • Bear Lakes Middle School Drainage Improvements  
  • State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Youth Academy  



Many construction projects benefit from having the architect and builder work together under one roof. The design-build method brings together a cohesive and collaborative team. As your design and construction teams collaborate for the greatest potential outcome, your project maintains its uniqueness. The Design-Build method saves time and money, finding our clients the greatest value.  



The importance of safety in our daily activities cannot be overstated. It’s ingrained in our way of life, philosophy, and work. 

At our firm, we have a strict safety policy in place that aims to educate and implement safety standards. All-Site Construction is well-trained and equipped for success thanks to our highly trained Safety Managers. The necessity of planning, preparation, and pre-tasking is emphasized. Safety planning begins during the preconstruction phase of our project to ensure that it is carried out completely during construction.  All-Site Construction has always had specific safety protocols for occupied buildings, but during the COVID 19 pandemic, we enacted CDC guidelines and protocols for ensuring the safety of our clients, our employees, and our community.  


Sustainable Building Practices 

All-Site Construction is acutely aware of its environmental impact and takes seriously its responsibilities to satisfy our clients’ green building objectives. We assist clients in pursuing and achieving sustainable practices within their facility through our skilled green building methods.